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How to avoid having a bad Thessaloniki Airport experience

As it is common in Greece, especially during summertime, almost all airports flood with tourists from all over the world which results in a not so good airport experience. Thessaloniki airport is not an exception. In Prime Traveller we encounter many customers that wished they had a better Thessaloniki Airport experience. Since we specialize in Thessaloniki Airport Transfers we have gathered some very useful advices that can improve your travel from & to SKG airport.

Check in online - Thessaloniki airport experience - Prime TravellerCheck in online

A very common problem that is one of the main reasons that long queues are created during departure at the check in counter. The phenomenon is more often with elderly people that are not so comfortable with using the internet. All airlines allow its customers to check in online up to 24 prior to their flight departure time. By checking in online you can significantly speed up your boarding and dramatically improve your airport experience.

Be on time

Being at the airport at least 1 hour before your flight departures is extremely important. Lots of people don’t schedule their time correctly and end up having a nightmarish experience trying hectically to go through all the necessary procedures in order to reach their flight’s departure gate.

That is why in Prime Traveller, we schedule all our transportations from and to Thessaloniki airport accordingly so they have more than enough time to board on their flight.

Have your documents ready

While it may seem as something that we should not even mention, a big percentage of travellers in the airport do not have their documents ready to present when asked. This results in lines being created until the necessary documents are found.

Of course, having a good airport experience is not entirely up to you. Lots of factors like airport management, airport staff and other travellers can affect it. Our tips concentrate that you do everything on your part to prevent that!

Prime Traveller offers reliable, affordable and safe taxi and transfer services from and to Thessaloniki Airport. Book your transportation online!

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