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Is car model and brand important for private transportation services

Many people found a car’s model and brand to a matter of extreme importance when searching to hire their private transportation. In fact, lots of transfers have been cancelled simply because a customer does not wish to be transferred in an inferior (according to their criteria) car. But is it really that important?


Let’s start by saying that, even the most luxurious and expensive vehicles won’t fulfill their potential and provide a good private transportation service if they are not maintenanced properly and kept in shape at all times. So let’s assume that they are kept in excellent condition. Putting that aside, luxurious brands tend to be the pioneers in the car industry and that includes the safety and security department. From better brakes to the latest safety technology and measures being implemented, premium car brands do everything to ensure their vehicles provide maximum safety. After all, one of the most important reasons why people prefer to travel with the best and most well known car models is the high level of security they provide.


When you are using a Mercedes-Benz for your transportation service you expect a much better transfer experience. A main factor that determines whether a car model is considered to be more luxurious than other is all the extra features that it is equipped with. Leather seats, Wi-Fi access, extra airbags, a better infotaiment system are only few of the extras that are someone expects when they book their private transfer service.

Aside the points we already mentioned the car brand shows something about the transfer company itself, that they have invested in a better and more expensive in order to provide their customers a superior private transportation experience and not just put profits as priority number 1.

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Prime Traveller’s undertakes all of its transportations using luxurious Mercedes-Benz and Skoda Octavia vehicles aiming to provide you a unique and pleasurable transportation experience.

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