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The History & Evolution of Taxi in Greece

The History of Taxi in Greece

In Greece, and in particular in Athens, the first taxis appeared in 1964 after a law passed by the government of George Papandreou.
The state then gave around 6,500 taxis to drivers with a professional diploma and experience. Each driver was able to obtain a maximum of 2 licenses.
Gradually taxis entered the everyday life of the inhabitants of the big cities in our country. The inhabitants were increasingly using it as an immediate means of transport.

Law Regulations

Taxi’s demand and preference has urged governments to create laws to grant new taxis.
By changing and voting on any government laws on taxi licenses, there was no stable legislative framework for their issuance.
The most important regulation on taxi licenses was made in 1980 when Georgiou Ralli’s government licensed large-scale professional drivers. As a result, the number of cars (taxis) in the big cities increased. For this reason, and only four years have elapsed, the law changes and the for a license to be approved is differentiated. Specifically, they will be given every 2 years, after they have been approved by the county councilors.
Over time and overburdening the atmosphere, the next government, in 1988, forbids the issuing of new taxi licenses, but only in Athens, Piraeus and Perichora.
A three-year ban on the whole country follows. A law passed in 2003 by the government of Constantinos Simitis.

The Evolution of Taxi in Greece

All these years, the evolution of taxi in Greece has been remarkable. Driven by the rapid growth of tourism, the taxi industry in Greece had made huge step forwards in order to keep up with the constaltly growing and changing needs of the customers.

Booking ways

Nowadays it is easier than ever for a customer to book his transportation. Customers travelling can prebook their transfer from Thessaloniki airport or their hotel in Thessaloniki. The internet has a huge impact in the industry with most transfer companies creating their own booking sites or taxi applications.

Excursions / Tours

Greece has truly an abundance of places for someone to visit meaning that tourists don’t want to just stay in a place during their holidays and not visit the rest of the country. Adapting to this need, transfer companies do not only offer anymore just point to point transfers but also organize and undertake customized tours for sightseeing, shopping and more.

The Future

The future of the taxi and transfer industry in Greece looks bright as long as companies keeps evolving and adapting to meet the ever growing need of the customers.

In Prime Traveller we would be more than happy to facilitate and undertake your transportation during your stay in Greece.

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