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Why use private transfer services over public transportation

It is quite common for people who are on holidays or when planning them, to debate whether to use private transfer services or the local public transportation network. The truth is the private   has made so many leaps forward the last few years that most people that most travellers do not even realize it.

Let’s see how private transportation services compare to public transit in Thessaloniki & Halkidiki.



Buses in Thessaloniki & Halkidiki tend to be crowded, unbearably crowded sometimes. As it is common in places where people are cramped lots of unpleasant smells occur, especially during summer.

Private Taxi Services

The vehicles used in private transfer services are kept clean at all times while air conditioning is available should you wish to use it.


Punctuality - Private Transfer Services - Prime TravellerBuses

Mostly due to traffic, buses in Thessaloniki and Halkidiki are not as common as they used to be. These results in buses not sticking to their timetable which is already scarce, especially for buses from and to Thessaloniki Airprot.

Private Transfer Services

Being punctual is one of the biggest advantages of private transportation. Your driver, most times, will be waiting for you at your pick up point ahead of the scheduled time.



When using the public transportation system in the city, you can consider yourselif lucky if you manage to find a seat. Most times, you have to stand during the whole ride.

Private Transfers

Comfort and private transportation services are two interconnected things. In Prime Traveller we aspire into making every ride we undertake a unique transportation experience for our customers. That’s why we only use luxurious sedan vehicles.



If you do not have any luggage with you then you should be perfectly fine, if however you are planning to travel with your baggage then it can’t get quite difficult to use the bus since there are not a lot of places you can put them inside it.

Private Transfer Services

Your driver will be ready to assist you with your things and store them inside the vehicle while the transfer company will ensure that you will use a vehicle than can fit your baggage.


Baggage - Private Transfer Services - Prime TravellerBuses

Bus tickets in Thessaloniki cost 1€ per person. The ticket from and to the airport costs 2€. For Halkidiki the price varies since there a lot of different destination.

Private Taxi

Using private transfer services is generally more expensive than using the local transportation network. Prices though vary depending on pick up and drop off point.



It is made clear that private transfer services are far superior than public transport. In such a degree that it competely worth spending the extra money.

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