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Short trips you can make while in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki can offer many tourist experiences to the visitor. At the same time, its geographical position enables tourists to make day trips to nearby destinations. Enjoying landscapes with intense shifts in their picturesque scenery and beauty every season it is an opportunity for the person to visit some completely different places.

Trip to Litochoro

Thessaloniki, apart from the unique Halkidiki, is very close to the beautiful Litochoro. Just 90 km from the city of Thessaloniki, Litochoro is a great choice for a one-day excursion. The visitor can enjoy the tallest mountain in Greece and the beautiful beaches of Litochoro. In the village you can see picturesque houses and squares, traditional settlements as well as ancient plane trees. Arriving at the highest point of the village, we meet the chapel of Prophet Elias and enjoy a panoramic view that allows us to see even the castle of Platamonas.

Transfer Time: ~90 minutes

Litochoro Transfers

Trip to Pozar Thermal Baths

An entirely different way and place to escape from everyday life of all of us is the Pozar Baths. An attractive organized destination for all ages that offers relaxation and stimulation with the healing properties of thermal waters. In a green valley with rivers, imposing waterfalls, lush vegetation, impressive caves, and dense forests the Pozar Baths are a pole of attraction for all the nature lovers who are interested in wellness and balneotherapy. The visitor has the opportunity to enjoy the warm waters of the Pozar springs, the thermal springs, the natural and artificial waterfalls, the pools with warm waters that are a source of well-being, but also the wonderful nature that surrounds all this landscape. In Pozar, there are many guest houses ready to serve visitors and offer them a comfortable stay, as well as taverns offering many kinds of delicacies.

Transfer Time: ~100 minutes

Trip to Veroia

Only 70 kilometers from Thessaloniki you can meet the city of Veria. The capital of the prefecture of Imathia, built at the foot of Mount Vermio, Veroia welcomes its guests in fir and pine trees. The first thing anyone observes in this city is the houses that are built with traditional architecture and the many churches of Byzantine architectural style. Frequent and favorite destination of the inhabitants of Thessaloniki, Veria offers rich nature, historical buildings, but also the well-known to all its ravani.

Transfer Time: ~55 minutes

Trip to Alistratis Cave

Since 1998, the visitors of the prefecture of Serres can tour the Alistratis Cave. Characterized as one of the most beautiful and important caves in Europe, it is a jewel of the natural history of Greece. The Alistratis Cave is open everyday and on holidays, and the duration of the tour is one hour.

Transfer Time: ~145 minutes

Transfers from & to Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is surrounded by many wonderful and extremely interesting destinations, visiting them will surely reward with a lot of interesting and beautiful experiences.

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