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Best Sithonia villages to visit

Sithonia peninsula is full of of beautiful villages. In fact there are so many that those wanting to visit Sithonia have a hard time choosing which village to choose.

Our comprehensive list with the best Sithonia villages will help you decide!

Neos Marmaras: The famous choice

The most famous village of Sithonia and  one of the most famous in Halkidiki. For all visitors, Marmaras is the ideal mix of luxury, fun, picturesque settings and everything else that is required for an unique summer vacation. Numerous tourists from all over the world visit the Marmara of Sithonia to enjoy its wonderful beaches, the unique forest that harmoniously embraces the four natural bays that surround the village and also to enjoy the high quality services provided in all sectors of tourism. Those having a means of transport also have the chance the magnificent beaches near Marmaras. The most famous of these are Lagomandra, Paradise, Tristinika, Spathies and many more that you can discover while exploring the scenery and nature. The excellent accomodation services are a trademark of Marmaras, since it has hotel units, some equipped with a private marina, ready to satisfy even the most demanding customer. Each day in Marmaras can prove to be a new experience since there is a a vast variety of activities you can indulge into. Relaxing beaches, wild beach bar parties, water sports, boat rides to Mount Athos, strolls in the picturesque alleys of the village, the casino are onle some of those that one can enjoy in his summer vacation in Neos Marmaras.

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Sykia: For nature lovers

Sykia, the most famous town of Sithonia, is located almost opposite Mount Athos, flooded with rich pine forest and endowed with one of the most famous beaches of Halkidiki. Every year tourists from around the world travel to Sykia to enjoy its golden beaches and the fresh fish that offer its picturesque taverns. The trademark of the village is the two windmills that adorn the beach.Sykia - Sithonia Villages - Prime Traveller

Sykia does not lack accomodation options since there are plenty of accomodation facilities to choose from. Of course, in a village like Sykia where nature dominates, it can not lack organized camping units for nature lovers.

Sarti: A mix of everything

Sarti is one of the largest villages in Sithonia. It has one of the largest beaches, which is constantly being awarded with a blue flag. The waters of this deep blue sea are ideal for children, since its depth is suitable for safe play in the water making an ideal destination in Halkidiki for families. The picturesque seaside taverns offer the tourist fine food and the well-known Halkidiki mezedes. Combining the view of Athos, the scenery becomes idyllic and unforgettable. Accomodations facilities are plenty. Furthermore, the nature lovers have the opportunity to choose the camping of the village, the well-known Armenistis camping for their stay.

Nikiti: The safe choice

Nikiti - Sithonia Villages - Prime Traveller105 km away from Thessaloniki, we meet the village of Nikiti. A well known village to all tourists in Halkidiki. Its beautiful beaches accommodate thousands of people offering their blue-green waters to the bathers harmoniously combining the greenery of the forest. Nikiti has many beaches, of equal and magnificent beauty. Akti Elias, Ai Yiannis and Akti Koviou are some of themd. Its beaches are among the best and most popular in Halkidiki. The visitor here has many options for his stay, since the plethora of rooms to let, as well as the wonderful hotels that the village has, are very helpful. Nikiti is a picturesque village, but it provides that any visitor may need during his summer holidays. A safe choice for an unforgettable summer holiday is the village of Nikiti.

Gerakini: The closest to Thessaloniki

Gerakini is located in the beginning of Sithonia peninsula, about 70 km from Thessaloniki, access to this village is very easy even for a day getaway. Gerakini is a busy place with a lovely beach. The lush scenery and the turquoise waters promise an unforgettable summer vacation. There are many beach bars on Gerakini beach ready to welcome and serve you. By doing some exploration around the village you will find its wonderful beaches. The village itself has a lot of shops and taverns that offer excellent local food.


Toroni - Sithonia Villages - Prime TravellerThe green waters, a long sandy beach, views of the Aegean, fresh fish, friendly and extremely helpful people are some of the reasones you should consider visiting Toroni. A village just 20 kιlometres from Marmaras. A well-known and favorite destination for many travelers. Toroni has beaches that even the photos can hardly capture their beauties. Relaxing on its organized beaches or not, enjoying fresh fish in front of an extremely idyllic landscape, Toroni is one of Sithonia’s ornaments. Respecting its natural beauty, every year people visit Toroni to enjoy the tranquility and relaxation it offers.

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No matter which village in Sithonia you choose to stay or visit, it is guaranteed that you will have a unique and wonderful holiday experience.

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