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Thessaloniki museums: A trip to culture and history

Apart from the beautiful architecture and the friendly people, Thessaloniki is a place of high cultural value as it is considered one of the most historic cities in Greece. This is something that becomes instantly evident for every traveler that has the pleasure to visit the numerous monuments, statues, markets and museums. The museums have always played a significant role to the preservation of the city’s historic and cultural identity. From the famous Archeological museum to the modern museum of Photography, a walk through the Thessaloniki museums is a must have experience!

Archeological Museum of Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki museums: A trip to history ans culture

The Archeological Museum is housed since 1962 in a building designed by the famous Greek architect Patroklos Karantinos in the center of the city. In 2002 the museum was enrolled as a listed building due to its unique public architecture. The museum disposes a huge collection of artifacts from excavations that took place across Macedonia since 1912. The visitors have the opportunity to enjoy various cultural events like periodical exhibitions, tours, lectures, educational programs and happenings.

Thessaloniki Museum of Photography

The Thessaloniki Museum of Photography was founded in 1998 and is established in the area of Warehouse A in the port of Thessaloniki since 2001. It is considered a cultural landmark for the city, as it is the first of its kind in Greece. The collection of the museum contains more than 4.000 photographic works by 280 Greek and foreign creators that dated from 1970 till nowadays. The museum has been included between the seven most significant photography museums in Europe by the platform Spotted by Locals.

Museum of Byzantine Culture

Thessaloniki museums: A trip to history and culture

The Museum of Byzantine culture was founded in 1994 in a building that is considered one of the most exquisite symbols of public architecture in Greece during the last decades. The visitors have the opportunity to visit 11 galleries which are included to its permanent exhibition, portraying different aspects of the everyday life (private and public) of Byzantium. The museum is considered one of the most important cultural centers of the Byzantine and Post byzantine era. Besides the permanent exhibition, the museum hosts a variety of cultural events like temporary exhibitions, seminars, educational programs and conferences.

Museum of Macedonia Struggle

Thessaloniki museums: A trip to history and culture

The Museum of Macedonian Struggle is housed in a neoclassical building, designed by the well-known architect Ernst Ziller in the center of Thessaloniki. In its collection are included 19th and 20th century memorabilia and artifacts from the everyday life as well as the Macedonian fighters. The museum exhibition is divided in seven rooms, each of them related to a different aspect of the Macedonian Struggle. The visitors can participate in guided tours, educational games and various projections.

Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki

The Jewish Museum is located in a building of unique architecture and great history in the center of the city. The building belongs to the Jewish Community of Thessaloniki and is one of the few buildings that survived the fire of the 1917.  The museum was found in order to pay homage to the Sephardic heritage and is one of the most important places that is dedicated to one of the communities that have highly influenced the city of Thessaloniki. The museum displays various photographic and historic exhibitions, proving a deeper look to the Jewish culture.

State Museum of Contemporary Art

Thessaloniki museums: A trip to history and culture

The State Museum of Contemporary Art is situated in the northeast part of the Moni Lazariston complex. Since 2001, the museum has an additional exhibition area which is located to the Warehouse B1, in the port of Thessaloniki. The museum hosts an impressive collection of modern and contemporary artworks including the Costakis collection, disposing 1.275 masterpieces of Russian Avant Garde artists as well as paintings and sculptures from honorable artist of Greece and abroad.

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