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Katerini (also called Ekaterini) is a city in northern Greece. It is the capital of Pieria in the Greek district of Macedonia. Katerini today is home to approximately 60,000 residents. The city lies between the Pieria Mountains and the Thermaikos Bay, about 70 kilometers (43.5 mi) from Thessaloniki. Katerini offers a wide variety of attractions making it a destination worth visiting.

Taxi Katerini - Katerini Transfer - Prime TravellerFrom the stunning archaeological site at Dion, where statues pose in watery shrines, to the long beach that stretches from Platamonas to the coast below Mt Olympus. From the wilds of the Enipeas Gorge to the cobbled lanes of old Panteleimon and Rapsani with its fine red wines. From the designer pensions at Elatohori to the spa resort on the coast of Pieria. A world of surprises awaits you in the centre of mainland Greece under the peaks of Mt Olympus.


The most beautiful archaeological park of Greece awaits you near Katerini. In Dion, ancient history and natural beauty come together in front of you in a mythical scenery: ancient sanctuaries, Hellenistic and Roman theaters, paved streets, swimming pools and mosaics, conservatory, Roman houses, villas and early Christian basilicas.

Taxi Dion - Dion Transfer - Prime TravellerThe archaeological finds shine through this heavenly place, which is run by small torrents. In the sanctuary of Isis you will humblely bow to the grandeur of ancient Greece: the buildings emerge through the wet vegetation in a landscape flooded with water. Nearby you will visit the sanctuary of Demetra, one of the oldest excavations in Macedonia.