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In 2004, the owner of Prime Traveller Mr. George Iordanidis, from Thessaloniki, following his love and passion for the car, left behind the then existing family business and decided to start his own venture.

The first step was as a taxi driver. He enjoyed every journey, communicating with the people and received the satisfaction of creation, since he has since offered the highest level of transportation services.

His effort and the knowledge he has gathered over time have brought property of an Almera taxi.

As more and more customers trusted him he decided to offer even more comfort and safety. So he upgraded his vehicle to Mercedes E class.

He then contacted hotels and found that his vision for quality service with luxury vehicles in excellent condition had a resonance in the upcoming Greek tourist, and not only, market.

So in 2014 he bought the first Mercedes E class in a white pearl. This was the beginning of his activity in the car hire industry.

In 2015, the second Mercedes E class was added to the fleet in white pearl. It was the result of increased demand and the rewarding of a pioneering professionalism.

In 2017, with the purchase of the white Skoda Octavia, the needs of travelers with more luggage were also covered.

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