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Xanthi’s Carnival

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Xanthi’s Carnival

Primetraveller luxury transfer taxi and mini van services

Primetraveller provides reliable and secure transfer services from any location in Greece to Xanthi's Carnival . Our experienced drivers and experienced team of professionals are available to provide the highest possible standards of excellence in the transfer services to the city of Xanthi. We offer private car, mini van, mini bus, and coach options for transfer services, depending on the size of your group and the needs of your journey. Our team will ensure a comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable experience from start to finish. All our vehicles are thoroughly inspected and equipped with the latest safety features.

About Xanthi's Carnival:

Xanthi's Carnival, also known as "Kamilos," is the largest and most famous Carnival in Greece. Held every year in the city of Xanthi, the Carnival has been celebrated for more than 200 years in one form or another. During this period of merry making, special folk songs and dances are performed, souvlaki is eaten, and locals and visitors alike partake in the traditional Carnival events. The highlight of the festival is the Parade of Events, when large floats, masked figures, and traditional dancers make a grand march through the streets of Xanthi.

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